Technology and innovation

Technology and innovation

Dedicated to people who love stand out and show their own personality through their style, Club des Sports pay much attention to details and fashion innovation technologies and presents a very unique sportswear collection.


Club des Sports introduces some significant innovation on advanced technologies in manufacturing processes, on the choice for fabrics, on up-to-date styles and on easywear.

Each garment has two souls which are very different, but complementary.

Club des Sports master pieces love bright and deep colours and a simple, but uniquelook.

The Down Direct Injection process represents one of the latest technology in jackets quality stuffing. It allows to inject real down direclty under the nylon, without any internal bag and with successful stuffing quality results. The application of this technique enable us to considerably reduce the weight of Club des Sports jackets to 390 grams, improving, as a consequence, their wearability and comfort. Warmth, elasticity, comfort and lightness typical of a Club des Sports jacket come from a careful selection of all elements it is composed of, first of which is the real goose down.


Bright colours, sporty-chic style, appealing look. You write it Club des Sports, you read it Urban Fashion!


Sport soul, passion for competition and membership. CLUB DES SPORTS meets every sporting event with excitement, belongingness, eagerness to stand out, competition, desire for the future and success.

The Sporting Attitude

Inspired by the "college generation"...realized with Sporting Attitude! Club Des Sports identifies itself in its pay off "The Sporting Attitude" because its creates sportswear clothes following the true values and spirit of college