Club des Sports identifies itself in its pay off “The Sporting Attitude”. Thought as a lifestyle, this slogan embodies the philosophy of a high quality sportswear clothes italian brand, which is presented for the first time at Pitti Immagine Uomo in June 2009. Club des Sports stands out for its appealing look, bright colours, high quality, advanced technologies and the choice for the best technical fabrics on the market. Club des Sports is inspired by values like feeling of membership, sporting attitude and competitiveness and it is loved by a wide public of costumers, teen-agers included. Brand masterpiece is the down jacket, whose main benefits are lightness and versatility, because it can easily be worn in the city as well as for casual events. 


Bright colours, sporty-chic style, appealing look. You write it Club des Sports, you read it Urban Fashion!


Sport soul, passion for competition and membership. CLUB DES SPORTS meets every sporting event with excitement, belongingness, eagerness to stand out, competition, desire for the future and success.

The Sporting Attitude

Inspired by the "college generation"...realized with Sporting Attitude! Club Des Sports identifies itself in its pay off "The Sporting Attitude" because its creates sportswear clothes following the true values and spirit of college